Honda Generators for Sale

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How are you going to use the generator?

Usually, programs fall into one of 3 categories:

Home back-up (i.e. emergency electricity )

Honda's EU and EM series generators are intended to operate nicely with a transport switch, helping you to quickly and readily electricity essential home appliances.

Recreational use (RV, camping, tailgating, boating)

Our Super Quiet EU generators are silent and easily portable, ideal for recreational uses.

Industrial use (building and leasing )

Designed with the building worker in mindour lasting EB generators have GFCI protection.

Honda makes generators targeted towards every one of those programs. But as each client has special needs, you need to think about different variables while making a selection.
Noise degree

The sound level of your generator is a significant element in finding out the proper model.

Many regions have noise ordinances that can influence generator use, especially at night.
Noisy generators are unsuitable for all programs, such as camping, hanging outside occasions, and RVing. 

Most generators have been labeled with a decibel rating. For each increase in 10 decibels, the sound level is 10 times more powerful. A generator which runs in 70 decibels is ten times as loud as a generator which runs in 60 decibels.

Honda generators are famous for silent operation.

Our 4-stroke motors are inherently silent - and of course dependable!
Quality construction and materials help to keep sound levels low
Superior technology makes us the leaders in silent operation

Our useful decibel graph compares the sound level of Honda generators into ordinary everyday noises.

For the best in silent performance, Honda Super Quiet EU series generators really live up to its own title. Due to some fully enclosed body and inverter technology, they function as sound levels between 49 and 60 decibels - that is not any louder than ordinary speech.

Honda also provides numerous different choices which, although not as silent as the EU generators, can function your program at a lower price.
Fuel efficacy & operate time

Start looking for a generator that's both fuel efficient and has an extensive run time. Honda generators provide several features that fulfill this requirement.

Honda Inverter generators feature our exclusive Eco Throttle, which automatically adjusts the motor speed to match the electricity required. This allows for optimum fuel efficiency.

Because our EU generators are so fuel efficient, they feature exceptionally long term times- up to 20 hours on a single tank of gas!

Our EB, EM, and EG generators have big fuel tanks, which means that you may operate your generator for lengthy intervals .

Many Honda EB and EM generators feature Vehicle Throttle. Auto Throttle automatically increases the RPM of the generator out of idle once the load is put on, and yields the RPM to idle when the load is eliminated. It is helpful to improve fuel efficiency, decrease the sound level, and lessen wear and tear over the generator's components.

Electricity output

Voltage regulation controls the energy output of this generator. Consistent power is really important. Fluctuations in electricity may cause equipment to close down or harm the machine.

AC Power is portrayed using a sine wave. The smoother the curve, the more secure the electricity.

Any spikes or"blips" in the curve are caused by a disturbance in the energy. These may be bad for the generator as well as the equipment being powered.

Durability and quality of craftsmanship

Reliability and quality are crucial when choosing a generator. Consider:

Can it be nicely gather? Do the elements look well made? Look within the generator, if at all possible, and compare between producers. You will realize significant differences.
Which are the substances made of? Are they top quality?
Is your producer well known? What's their reputation? 

Honda generators have a well earned reputation for reliablity and durability. Honda products are analyzed extensively and fabricated using the highest quality materials. Our generators offer you reliable power and continue running year after year.

All-new Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Collection Generator Delivers Clients More Electricity for Work, Home or Play, With the Exact Same Legendary Honda Quality and ReliabilityThe fresh EU2200i portable inverter generator lineup sports a fresh new look, new features clients will appreciate and 10 percent more electricity

We market generators and products which suit a range of industrial and personal functions. From camping generators and industrial generators to jump starters, battery chargers and battery screens, everything you will need for the camping trip, automobile battery or building site work is correct here.


Together with 6 industrial generators to pick from, you're spoilt for choice from the Honda range. Designed specifically for building sites using a demanding and sturdy build, every version holds a exceptional collection of features and benefits, so please browse the specifications and provide us a call if you want some more information on making the best option.


If it comes to super silent generators, we have you covered. We've got five options to pick from if restricting sound is valuable to you. The hottest generator in the Marketplace is the compact and handy EU2200i - packed full of features and also the Perfect generator for family getaways

You will eventually should make several choices about cost, features, electric power and other features, however the greatest overall option is whether to purchase a standby generator, a portable generator or an inverter generator.

Honda standby generators would be exactly what you select if you don't even wish to be aware that a power outage is happening. Stationary and hardwired to your electric panel, these generators trigger automatically when power is disrupted and are made to maintain an whole home functioning, including the HVAC system. They need professional installation and a natural gas or liquid propane gas resource. Total prices vary by generator dimensions and simplicity of setup, but you should expect that Honda generators for sale can be available at least for $800 and possibly around $4,500. You can visit this Honda generators for sale price comparison page and find the best online deals available right now.

Honda Portable generators, on the other hand, range from approximately $100 to a few thousand, depending on size and features. These are able to be wheeled through your premises, where they will have to get installed at least 20 feet away from your house for security. Smaller portable generators might be sufficient to get a refrigerator and a couple of electronic equipment, but bigger ones may compete for power using mid-range generators. These operate on liquid propane or gas, which is in short supply during long power outages.

Inverter generators are usually quieter and lighter compared to portable generators, but they use the exact same fuel resources. This makes them hot for applications aside from power crises, such as camping or RVing. The very powerful Honda inverter generators create approximately 6,000 watts, less than the biggest portable generators, and they have a tendency to be costlier than portable generators each watt. If you'd like a more quiet and more flexible unit, inverters could possibly be well worth the extra price.

Deciding on the ideal Honda generator to your household's requirement is an issue of knowing the number of watts and amps are wanted. You do not need to be a professional but fundamental appliance understanding assists. You'll observe there are a whole lot of generators out there. Each includes various features, amps, strings, and operating time.

As soon as you've your overall running and beginning watts, you're going to have the ability to pick the generator that's best suited to your household's requirements. As soon as you've selected your generator, make sure you follow appropriate usage directions. Lastly, know that generators should not be utilised instead of normal power. They're best utilized in the event of a crisis.